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Darkest Hour: Unique concept, good for sci fi lovers, keep expectations low

If you are a sci fi, alien invasion movie lover..you will like Darkest Hour.  Its a pretty good concept with an invisible alien invasion and the expected apocalyptic scenario.

But definitely dont go in assuming a great deep plot …  I did have a few complaints.  First it was a big set up for a sequel, by the time the movie ended you wanted to see more of the actual fight back and know more about the aliens..but it ended before that started.  So i really do want to see the sequel.   Also there is a slight bit of cheese involved with the random “guns” they use to fight back…and the random character that gives it to them etc

So go in with low expectations and you might enjoy it




The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo: Really good despite the overhyped marketing!

Ok i havent read any of the books or seen the swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  In fact..the over marketing and over hype from the movie studio got me so angry i actually went in not wanting to like it.   So when i say it was good..that really means it was pretty good!

My issue is i hate when a movie is marketed as the most amazing film in the world and the whole attitude of “you must like this or you are an idiot” type of marketing…just focus on the movie dont over hype how critically acclaimed the novel is blah blah…But  This time the hype lived up…(an opposite example is the adventures of Tin Tin ..over hyped as some amazing story and cartoon..but the producers forget its more than a generation old and no one likes or knows Tin Tin anymore…and im kinda glad its been bombing! haha)

Anyway this movie was kind of crazy random at parts..including just the opening credits visuals…but i liked the twists..mystery etc.   Be warned its pretty raw and some graphic violent scenes etc.

Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara were really great in this..and its def worth watching now…im lookin forward to the sequels




Sherlock Holmes 2: Entertaining just like the first


Sherlock Holmes 2 is something you will like if you liked the first movie.   Funny enough..i didnt really like the first one..until i saw it a second time and appreciated the intricate details and twists more.

This time i think i was more into it and knew what to expect..so it was funny..and for the most part entertaining the entire time.  But..i did feel like it was a bit long..and had some unnecesary parts…like Rachael McAdams really didnt even need to be in this movie at all..just to simply be killed off in the first 15 mins

The best parts of the movie were the fight scenes..the slow mo  breakdown of the action by Sherlock Holmes in his head..and this time with the bad guy able to do the same..the ending was good.


So worth seeing if..but make sure to pay attention and dont go when ur tired or you may have trouble keeping up



Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol @ IMAX: Great action as always (plus Dark Knight Rises Prologue)


So i went and saw MI Ghost Protocol at the Navy Pier IMAX in chicago, for the most part because i wanted to see the Dark Knight Rises Prologue (more about that later)..I have to say Mission Impossible was great!  Tons of action..funny scenes..and good effects and crazy visuals.  Im definitely a fan of JJ Abrams productions for sure.   Also loved the addition of Jeremy Renner

If you are any kind of action or Mission Impossible fan..definitely go see Ghost Protocol…and even though i cant compare..i gotta say seeing it in IMAX was pretty awesome..just for the expanse of the film.


Now about the Dark Knight Rises prologue, me and about 200 of the other fanboys in the theater were all pissed that you couldnt understand Bane’s voice..or barely anything of what he was saying.  It really annoyed me..as much as i love Christopher Nolan and what he’s done with Batman…i really hope he fixes that clarity in the final release.  I hear there is a ton of pushback and news about this..and hope they listen to us.

Now the bad ass part was the montage of scenes at the end of the prologue, showing 2 batmobiles and a bat plane!  crazy awesome..  cannot wait for that movie



Puss in Boots- fun and entertaining as expected

If you are a fan of the Shrek movies , you will like Puss in Boots.  It was funny as expected, with great graphics and is worth watching.

It had the usual fairy tale tie ins..plus the most important thing is that like shrek there are enough good jokes to keep you entertained.

This one is an easy yes to those of you that have kids too..you wont be annoyed having to see it