I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol @ IMAX: Great action as always (plus Dark Knight Rises Prologue)


So i went and saw MI Ghost Protocol at the Navy Pier IMAX in chicago, for the most part because i wanted to see the Dark Knight Rises Prologue (more about that later)..I have to say Mission Impossible was great!  Tons of action..funny scenes..and good effects and crazy visuals.  Im definitely a fan of JJ Abrams productions for sure.   Also loved the addition of Jeremy Renner

If you are any kind of action or Mission Impossible fan..definitely go see Ghost Protocol…and even though i cant compare..i gotta say seeing it in IMAX was pretty awesome..just for the expanse of the film.


Now about the Dark Knight Rises prologue, me and about 200 of the other fanboys in the theater were all pissed that you couldnt understand Bane’s voice..or barely anything of what he was saying.  It really annoyed me..as much as i love Christopher Nolan and what he’s done with Batman…i really hope he fixes that clarity in the final release.  I hear there is a ton of pushback and news about this..and hope they listen to us.

Now the bad ass part was the montage of scenes at the end of the prologue, showing 2 batmobiles and a bat plane!  crazy awesome..  cannot wait for that movie



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