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Sherlock Holmes 2: Entertaining just like the first


Sherlock Holmes 2 is something you will like if you liked the first movie.   Funny enough..i didnt really like the first one..until i saw it a second time and appreciated the intricate details and twists more.

This time i think i was more into it and knew what to expect..so it was funny..and for the most part entertaining the entire time.  But..i did feel like it was a bit long..and had some unnecesary parts…like Rachael McAdams really didnt even need to be in this movie at all..just to simply be killed off in the first 15 mins

The best parts of the movie were the fight scenes..the slow mo  breakdown of the action by Sherlock Holmes in his head..and this time with the bad guy able to do the same..the ending was good.


So worth seeing if..but make sure to pay attention and dont go when ur tired or you may have trouble keeping up



One response

  1. The twists although were not fantastic. I completely agree about the length, if you read my blog on this movie. The slow mo I did not enjoy that much, too slow i`d say, one of those unneeded fillers!
    But all in all I agree.

    December 21, 2011 at 6:02 PM

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