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The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo: Really good despite the overhyped marketing!

Ok i havent read any of the books or seen the swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  In fact..the over marketing and over hype from the movie studio got me so angry i actually went in not wanting to like it.   So when i say it was good..that really means it was pretty good!

My issue is i hate when a movie is marketed as the most amazing film in the world and the whole attitude of “you must like this or you are an idiot” type of marketing…just focus on the movie dont over hype how critically acclaimed the novel is blah blah…But  This time the hype lived up…(an opposite example is the adventures of Tin Tin ..over hyped as some amazing story and cartoon..but the producers forget its more than a generation old and no one likes or knows Tin Tin anymore…and im kinda glad its been bombing! haha)

Anyway this movie was kind of crazy random at parts..including just the opening credits visuals…but i liked the twists..mystery etc.   Be warned its pretty raw and some graphic violent scenes etc.

Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara were really great in this..and its def worth watching now…im lookin forward to the sequels




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