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Safe House: Awesome action- Denzel a badass as always

Im sure its not surprising to anyone that Safe House was great.  Denzel Washington is one of those actors that can make nearly every movie good..just an awesome actor with a ton of presence.  But it was nice to see him back in his “Man on Fire” action mode.  (another great movie you need to see if you havent).  Plus i like seeing Ryan Reynolds in a non-campy role..he has great action chops..and doesnt always need to do comedy.  It also made me miss Capetown..!

The action was awesome..a lot like bourne identity with Denzel.  Plus really nice ending that wraps things up unlike so many movies these days…even great music (the Kanye West/ Jay- Z song from the trailer “No church in the wild” plays during the credits)


Go see it now..!


Chronicle: Great Action, Funny, made me wish for the next Superman!

Chronicle is one of those movies that any of us superpower fans loves…its got some great laughs..of course when a bunch of teenagers get powers you can expect some fun pranks etc…but its also got some very cool action scenes..especially the flying.  It isnt a comedy of course..one of the characters does get really dark..and i think the last part of the movie with the climatic battle etc is really well done.  Plus it made me miss Seattle!

Im a big fan of Michael B. Jordan (imagine growin up with that name!) he was good in Friday Night Lights the TV show..and I really liked his work in The Wire…so the only real annoying part of this movie was that his character wasnt in the entire thing.

Watching this  made me wish the next Superman movie: Man Of Steel would hurry and be released

This is definitely worth seeing, its one of the few “found footage” type filming that makes sense ..fits the story and is not hard to follow



The Grey: Liam Neeson amazing as usual..Wolves and Plane Crashes!

The Great was really really well done.  First I love Liam Neeson, he’s the ultimate bad ass in movies.  The plane crash scene in this movie will make you want to listen to your flight attendant safety instructions !  I dont think any movie has been so surreal for a plane crash scene! As someone who travels tons it made me think twice.

I loved the way the wolves were portrayed!..big, mean etc.  really kept you guessing through the whole movie.  There were a few jumps here and there…and a nice little twist.

I’m not the biggest fan of the ending though it was ok but i would recommend you stay after the credits ..its got a 5 second little finale


Go see this Now!!

Man On a Ledge: Entertaining and Fun to watch once


Man On a Ledge with Sam Worthington was  a fun heist movie.  Entertaining, with a few laughs, and also a few moments of second guessing.

Is it a movie i’ll be buying or seeing again, nope…but do i regret watching it? not at all..

Plus it has a decent ending