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Hunger Games: Over Hyped, Long, and Boring to start, but better at the end

Ugh..i used to think Twilight had hype..but Hunger Games was WAY OVERBOARD!  I hate it when a movie studio markets a film by telling you its an epic, earth shattering set of novels..and that essentially you must love this movie ! ..its a joke.  Hunger Games barely sold 800,000 copies WW…the Twilight books sold 10 Million+ !  Yet everyone bought into it and saw the movie this weekend.

Now I for one have never read or intend to read the books..but i did want to go see it mostly because i love post apocalyptic stuff.  But wow..the movie was far too long..and literally nearly no action for the entire first hour and half.  I was dozing because of how slow and boring it was.   I will admit that when the fighting/hunger games scenes started then it got really interesting.

Everyone tells me the next movies should be more exciting..but personally i just dont see it yet..dont see why this movie should be some epic phenomenon..when a great movie like John Carter got killed by critics and the movie studio’s bad marketing.

I will see the next ones in the hope that they pick up and are better…but not sure Im any kind of fan after the first movie




Project X- Fun movie with an awesome soundtrack!

By now im sure every college and high school student has already seen Project X- but you def dont have to be that age to like this movie.  Its crazy..extreme..over the top partying but is funny and really well done.  If you are a fan of SuperBad or Old School or Hangover you’ll definitely love this.  It will def take you back and probably make you miss being young!

But the biggest thing that i LOVED about this movie was that the soundtrack was just PERFECT.  And i’ve said before the right music can really make or break a movie (and really make or break a trailer)…and i immediately went online after the movie and searched for all the songs used in the movie.   The Steve Aoki remix of Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Hapiness and the XX’s intro are my 2 faves..but if you are a music/soundtrack hound..go see this movie just for the awesome beats that fit just perfectly with all the scenes and emotions.

If drunkeness, nudity, drugs, and crazy random partying offends you- you might want to skip this


John Carter of Mars: Great movie with bad marketing- ignore the critics!

Ugh..i get sad and personally offended as a marketer, when a movie like John Carter ends up having a bad opening weekend.

This movie is great.  It has good action, sci fi, graphics, decent story etc.  Everyone i know that has seen it liked it.  Yet thanks to some annoying critics..and frankly horrible marketing..it had a really low opening weekend that might not make its budget and may not let us a see a sequel!

It had a TON of awesome actors it in..if you look closely you’ll see some old faves from HBO’s ROME like James Purefoy and Cirian Hinds…and Dominic West from HBO’s the Wire!  All amazing actors in those shows.  Good to see them still gettin work.  Taylor Kitsch is also great in this..he’s so underrated as an actor..you should seethe first few seasons of the Friday Night lights TV show to see how good he his.
The issue here is that the movie studio didnt sell this right.  Sure the fanboys of the graphic novel/book were intrigued..but you’d get them anyway!!  They needed to reintroduce the story and the whole idea because no regular people knew who the hell John Carter ..also what a DUMB decision to take out the “of Mars” from the title.  They should have used trailers that set up how this novel/story set up the path for Avatar and Star Wars..and focused it more like the very first trailer we saw a year ago with the Johnny Cash song attached.

Anyway..definitely go see this movie..either in regular 2D  or IMAX 3D. (dont ever see 3D unless its IMAX..its such a shame) you’ll enjoy it



This Means War: If ur gonna see a chick flick, one with spies sometimes helps

To be clear, i have nothing against chick flicks, as long as they are good and not over the top cheesy. Like the Time Traveler’s wife- awesome.  Or Must Love Dogs..etc.

This Means War had the perfect mix to make me want to see it even though it was a chick flick..Im a huge Tom Hardy fan..(cant wait to see him as Bane in Dark Knight, and i hope you’ve seen Warrior by now).   And I really like Chris Pine..got to meet him at the Star Trek premiere a few years back and was a really nice guy.   ..so them as spies and random action/fighting was not bad

The only problem to me was how just creepy the movie got..it should have not gone so far with her relationship with both guys..Reese’ Witherspoons character comes off just slutty and no guys would ever knowingly date the same girl and per the movie each try to sleep with her after the other etc…thats where it just kinda lost me.  (now i will say the scene after the credits does redeem this a bit)

I’d say hey..guys if ur girl is gonna make you watch some kind of chick flick..at least this one you might enjoy some

But overall not so great..and really coulda been a bit more fun and less creepy





Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance: Almost good! Such a Missed opportunity to save this franchise!

Im really bummed about Ghost Rider 2 (The Spirit of Vengeance)…it had such potential to be way better than the first.  It was supposed to be darker, more hard core..and it has Idris Elba in it!  The problem is that when you have the director of Crank, you arent supposed to just get a Crank version of Ghost Rider..and thats what we got

The problems started in the beginning where they used a animation to tell the history and setup the movie- and one that didnt even match the first movie!  …and it was a cheesy animation and setup at that.

Then for some stupid reason the director had Nic cage do random psycho rants like in Crank—it just totally took away from the film….where is Christopher Nolan when you need him? If those odd scenes/character rants werent in this..wow this movie would have been epic!

It did have a few decent action/fight scenes…but they were in consistent.  In one ghost rider couldnt get up after being hit by 1grenade launcher..then in the next he gets hit by 10 and isnt phased.

I do think it was a little better then that first..but only a little..(i didnt hate the first one too much)