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Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance: Almost good! Such a Missed opportunity to save this franchise!

Im really bummed about Ghost Rider 2 (The Spirit of Vengeance)…it had such potential to be way better than the first.  It was supposed to be darker, more hard core..and it has Idris Elba in it!  The problem is that when you have the director of Crank, you arent supposed to just get a Crank version of Ghost Rider..and thats what we got

The problems started in the beginning where they used a animation to tell the history and setup the movie- and one that didnt even match the first movie!  …and it was a cheesy animation and setup at that.

Then for some stupid reason the director had Nic cage do random psycho rants like in Crank—it just totally took away from the film….where is Christopher Nolan when you need him? If those odd scenes/character rants werent in this..wow this movie would have been epic!

It did have a few decent action/fight scenes…but they were in consistent.  In one ghost rider couldnt get up after being hit by 1grenade launcher..then in the next he gets hit by 10 and isnt phased.

I do think it was a little better then that first..but only a little..(i didnt hate the first one too much)


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