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John Carter of Mars: Great movie with bad marketing- ignore the critics!

Ugh..i get sad and personally offended as a marketer, when a movie like John Carter ends up having a bad opening weekend.

This movie is great.  It has good action, sci fi, graphics, decent story etc.  Everyone i know that has seen it liked it.  Yet thanks to some annoying critics..and frankly horrible marketing..it had a really low opening weekend that might not make its budget and may not let us a see a sequel!

It had a TON of awesome actors it in..if you look closely you’ll see some old faves from HBO’s ROME like James Purefoy and Cirian Hinds…and Dominic West from HBO’s the Wire!  All amazing actors in those shows.  Good to see them still gettin work.  Taylor Kitsch is also great in this..he’s so underrated as an actor..you should seethe first few seasons of the Friday Night lights TV show to see how good he his.
The issue here is that the movie studio didnt sell this right.  Sure the fanboys of the graphic novel/book were intrigued..but you’d get them anyway!!  They needed to reintroduce the story and the whole idea because no regular people knew who the hell John Carter ..also what a DUMB decision to take out the “of Mars” from the title.  They should have used trailers that set up how this novel/story set up the path for Avatar and Star Wars..and focused it more like the very first trailer we saw a year ago with the Johnny Cash song attached.

Anyway..definitely go see this movie..either in regular 2D  or IMAX 3D. (dont ever see 3D unless its IMAX..its such a shame) you’ll enjoy it



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