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This Means War: If ur gonna see a chick flick, one with spies sometimes helps

To be clear, i have nothing against chick flicks, as long as they are good and not over the top cheesy. Like the Time Traveler’s wife- awesome.  Or Must Love Dogs..etc.

This Means War had the perfect mix to make me want to see it even though it was a chick flick..Im a huge Tom Hardy fan..(cant wait to see him as Bane in Dark Knight, and i hope you’ve seen Warrior by now).   And I really like Chris Pine..got to meet him at the Star Trek premiere a few years back and was a really nice guy.   ..so them as spies and random action/fighting was not bad

The only problem to me was how just creepy the movie got..it should have not gone so far with her relationship with both guys..Reese’ Witherspoons character comes off just slutty and no guys would ever knowingly date the same girl and per the movie each try to sleep with her after the other etc…thats where it just kinda lost me.  (now i will say the scene after the credits does redeem this a bit)

I’d say hey..guys if ur girl is gonna make you watch some kind of chick flick..at least this one you might enjoy some

But overall not so great..and really coulda been a bit more fun and less creepy





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