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Hunger Games: Over Hyped, Long, and Boring to start, but better at the end

Ugh..i used to think Twilight had hype..but Hunger Games was WAY OVERBOARD!  I hate it when a movie studio markets a film by telling you its an epic, earth shattering set of novels..and that essentially you must love this movie ! ..its a joke.  Hunger Games barely sold 800,000 copies WW…the Twilight books sold 10 Million+ !  Yet everyone bought into it and saw the movie this weekend.

Now I for one have never read or intend to read the books..but i did want to go see it mostly because i love post apocalyptic stuff.  But wow..the movie was far too long..and literally nearly no action for the entire first hour and half.  I was dozing because of how slow and boring it was.   I will admit that when the fighting/hunger games scenes started then it got really interesting.

Everyone tells me the next movies should be more exciting..but personally i just dont see it yet..dont see why this movie should be some epic phenomenon..when a great movie like John Carter got killed by critics and the movie studio’s bad marketing.

I will see the next ones in the hope that they pick up and are better…but not sure Im any kind of fan after the first movie



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  1. SickSheepsYouAre

    I saw this film, and it is disgusting, it has nothing new, and actors are very bad, unexpressive, boring, unreal. Then there is a deja vue i really dislike: the “powerful heroine” who kicks ass the “big guys”, this is a feminist fashion of this era… very annoying, and again… totally unreal. I am not sure if this kind of stories please some girls who wanna be supergirls o maybe some guys who gets exited from supergirls. Anyway this is a crap thing, ridiculous, i hope will vanish from this era.

    So what is the good of “hunger games”? the (old) idea behind it? Maybe you ask we should think about the message? our future? the violence, the value of life, and so on… sorry, but i don’t buy it. This is not the way, there is nothing to learn from this empty, soulless, deviant thing.
    You want sell this crap as something intelligent? something for kids also? something worth to read in books? You pretend this film is good because there are books? so what? What masterworks of literature are these books? Are you serious??

    Please dont’ be ridiculous, if you want real culture, read some classics, not these overrated and disgusting “garbage books”.
    I am Italian and i think that Americans are following a bad path to dehumanization, and they are dragging all the world with them. This film celebrates it, are you proud of this thing? how many people buy it? What i don’t understand is how can this title be popular, how can this be? I wonder… where is humanity today? Why are we following this low level culture, violent, soulles, empty? We like it? and… why?

    You want a text to read? an american book? a new book? something full of problems about our present? Well then, read “Alone Together” of Sherry Turkle, she has a lot to tell you about what is happening to our perceptions, the meaning of life, social behaviour changing, and psichology in the digital era. Half book is about Artificial Intelligence and our illusions, and the other half book is about what is doing to us the mass communication, and the always online life.
    This book is boring for kids, i know, and it is not a novel… it is a research, but it is something we should read, it shows you something about the real dehumanization in this era! And your role in it.

    The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters.

    July 1, 2012 at 3:28 PM

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