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Cabin In The Woods: WOW a must see! crazy unique!


OK WOW.  WOW. (yes a double Wow).  Cabin in The Woods is nothing like you assume. Its not just another slasher teen movie thing.  From the very beginning you know you are in for something different.  Its a whole different take that isnt actually scary much at all..but its got awesome comedy and action and a premise that is just so different.  I feel like even talking about it will ruin it for people but the fact that you have a cast that includes the likes of Richard Jenkins and a cameo from someone super huge towards the end really makes the difference.

Pls dont let your friends who are scared of scary movies not go see this..its not what you think. the scares are pre planned/monitored and thats as far as i’ll go in sharing the premise


See this NOW




Lockout- Great Futuristic action with Guy Pearce!

Lockout was great fun!  Great action…and Guy Pearce was bad ass.. He’s such an underrated actor..all these years he’s been in tons of movies.  And he does action really well- here you finally see him buffed up and kicking ass.  I really liked his work in Traitor also.

The movie has a good amount of action mixed with some great comedy from his character.

Def worth seeing




Wrath of the Titans- Awesome action and better than the first!

Wrath of the Titans had a great trailer..and the movie backed it up!  It was better action and more powers than the first movie..and had the greats like Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes and Sam Worthington..and tons of other great cast members!  It also had an actor that is fast becoming one of my fave’s ..he was in Rock n Rolla and was great here too and added some good fun…Toby Kebbell! you may not know his name but you will recognize him and like his work!

If you were even just a minor fan of the first movie you will like this.  The action sequences and graphics were great.

My only complaint is that they never really showed Perseus’s powers..strength etc..yet they talk about his power all throughout the movie!  I wanted to see some super strength used overtly and other things.

I do still hope they consider another movie..but not sure it will be great without some of the stellar cast coming back since not all survive the movie