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Avengers: WOW is all I can say..Joss Whedon pulled off something special

Avengers lived up to all the hype and beyond! Joss Whedon has always been an awesome and underrated director (go see Firefly and Serenity or Cabin in the Woods).   The action was perfect..great epic battles…and great use of powers..plus a good amount of comedy worked in throughout

I will say a few big things.  First..they FINALLY got Hulk’s strength right!  None of the other Hulk movies got his power right..and Avengers finally portrays him right.  I was one of the Ed Norton loyalists that really questioned moving to Mark Ruffalo..but he was just perfect in the role.

Also..they finally fixed the issues with Thor.  In his movie they didnt showcase his strength..and in Avengers they finally had it right..especially when he and Hulk fight..and even the funny relationship he has with Hulk.

Go see this now..and you will love it

Ninis Samuel


Safe: Awesome Action and fresh Jason Statham at his best!


I loved everything about Safe!  You would assume its like every other Statham movie..but it was a really unique/different approach.  The whole back story of his character that didnt really make sense till half way thru made the movie great.  There were also a few good laughs in it!

If you’re a Statham fan or if you are not..go see this now..or be ready to rent it


Ninis Samuel