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Snow White and The Huntsman: Not enough action/super powers & bad musical score

I had high expectations for Snow White and the Huntsman..the trailer sold it as full of action and supernatural powers and monsters etc. But wow..it didnt live up to it.  I found myself looking at the time a few times! there were way too many slow parts..i feel like you watched snow white walking a bunch lol  The action scenes were not hard hitting enough..like when the Huntsman was fighting it was like slow…and maybe the sound mix was off.  I really believe the music/background/soundtrack was a big problem.  It would have added a lot more action and emotion but it wasnt done right

There was very little and subdued use of powers..especially Snow White.  Plus..im sad that they had such an AMAZING cast playing the seven dwarfs but they didnt use them correctly!  Horrible writing made it so they were not all the way funny..and they should have been halarious..and they werent all bad ass action either..they should have picked one direction and stuck with it given the major characters they were using

Id say skip it and see it as a rental



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  1. may be this movie awesome

    June 7, 2012 at 2:23 AM

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