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Dark Knight Rises- an Epic..be sure to see it at least twice!




Dark Knight Rises met and beat every expectation i had..and i had extremely high ones!  The movie was simply EPIC.

I loved that the movie was set years later and Batman had essentially gone into hiding…and the rest of the storyline including Bane and Batman coming back was simply perfect.   A few things i was surprised about..Catwoman..Anne Hathaway i think proved all the doubters wrong!  I admit i was worried too when i saw the first photos etc..but wow it shows you should never doubt Christopher Nolan..he is a genius.  She really was perfect in the role, and i think it was a perfect add to the movie.

Also i loved the addition of “the Bat” plane..and the great little twist at the end with who Bane was etc.  Love the connections to the first movie etc…plus the ending was just perfect.  Although im really sad to know there isnt another one coming…i feel like this trilogy will hard to be matched.

The only sad thing about all of this is the horrible tragedy that happened in Colorado because of that coward that killed all those innocent fellow movie fans who went to see a midnight showing..something all of us movie buffs do all the time.  Just a pure evil thing to do and to cast such a dark shadow over the movie weekend and it was hard to not always think about the victims.

Anyway as far as the movie guys definitely see it twice ..i plan to!



Amazing Spider-Man : A good reboot! If only it started this way!

I really was anti Amazing Spiderman- because to me it looked like just another installment of campy cheesy spiderman like the crap that was Sam Raimi’s 3 movies.  So for me to walk away liking it..is a big deal.  The first teaser/trailer was this odd POV footage of web slinging that was just stupid (and sadly there were 2 parts of the film that had this same first person POV view and all CGI that really were annoying)

But in the end i liked it…it  was a nice restart- more serious..more strait to the point. They did a good job with Lizard..and i loved Dennis Leary in it.  I just wish all the previous movies were done this way.

So if you are like me and thought the other Spiderman movies were crappy cheese..then give this one a shot..you may like it



Ted- Seth MacFarlane knows how to make us laugh! A must see

TED is a surprisingly funny movie!  I guess i shouldnt be that surprised, Seth MacFarlane is one of the comedy geniuses of our time.  If you are a fan of Family Guy at all you will LOVE this movie..but if you arent a Family Guy fan..you will still love it.

Seth really gets the “80’s” and “90’s” era of comedy and this movie reflects it.  Some really great laugh out loud moments, a funny (and very random) concept/story…and i have to say some of the best odd Cameos ever! (Ryan Reynolds, Tom Skerrit)…it just works.

Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis were great in it as well

Definitely a must see for a good laugh with friends




Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter- Needed to be darker and have more bite!

I was both excited and wary about Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter.  With Timur Bekmambetov to expect something awesome (he did Wanted, Nightwatch/Daywatch, 9 etc)  but because Tim Burton was also involved i expected campy cheese.  Sadly what came out was somewhere in the middle.

The concept was great..based of the graphic novels etc..but there were some big misses.  First (likely thanks to Burton)..the effects and “feel” of the movie felt low..like campy..almost like the original Ghost Rider.  This movie should have been much darker..more action..more scary vs the odd mix it ended up.  I didnt hate watching it..it kept me at least somewhat interested or entertained through the movie..but just felt it kept going close to an edge and then pulling back.

I also couldnt help but notice how much the actor who plays young lincoln looks like Liam Neeson!  i think they chose the wrong actor for this..that might have helped things slightly

Anyway its a fun little rental or wait for on Demand..no need to see this right away in the theater