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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter- Needed to be darker and have more bite!

I was both excited and wary about Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter.  With Timur Bekmambetov to expect something awesome (he did Wanted, Nightwatch/Daywatch, 9 etc)  but because Tim Burton was also involved i expected campy cheese.  Sadly what came out was somewhere in the middle.

The concept was great..based of the graphic novels etc..but there were some big misses.  First (likely thanks to Burton)..the effects and “feel” of the movie felt low..like campy..almost like the original Ghost Rider.  This movie should have been much darker..more action..more scary vs the odd mix it ended up.  I didnt hate watching it..it kept me at least somewhat interested or entertained through the movie..but just felt it kept going close to an edge and then pulling back.

I also couldnt help but notice how much the actor who plays young lincoln looks like Liam Neeson!  i think they chose the wrong actor for this..that might have helped things slightly

Anyway its a fun little rental or wait for on Demand..no need to see this right away in the theater



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