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Amazing Spider-Man : A good reboot! If only it started this way!

I really was anti Amazing Spiderman- because to me it looked like just another installment of campy cheesy spiderman like the crap that was Sam Raimi’s 3 movies.  So for me to walk away liking it..is a big deal.  The first teaser/trailer was this odd POV footage of web slinging that was just stupid (and sadly there were 2 parts of the film that had this same first person POV view and all CGI that really were annoying)

But in the end i liked it…it  was a nice restart- more serious..more strait to the point. They did a good job with Lizard..and i loved Dennis Leary in it.  I just wish all the previous movies were done this way.

So if you are like me and thought the other Spiderman movies were crappy cheese..then give this one a shot..you may like it



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