I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Resident Evil Retribution: Awesome opening scene and great musical score, but not greatest installment

Resident Evil Retribution is worth going to see just for the first 10 minutes!..the entire opening is in reverse slow motion!  It was one of the most unique things ive seen in a while..the opening scene is played in reverse in some very clear amazing action sequences..with one of the best musical scores playing through out. Ive always believed the right soundtrack can make or break a movie..and when the right music is picked for a scene its amazing. This is one of those examples.

Now the movie in general- its for those of us that love the franchise..not for some amazing story/plot line..but for the sheer action zombie killing fun.  I actually wasnt a fan of the last movie..Afterlife because they removed Alice’s powers…so this movie to be honest i think annoyed me a bit becuase she didnt have them in this movie either..yet seemed to still be a bad ass fighter.

So it wasnt the best installment but good enough to make all of us come back for the next round..which they tee up great at the very end of the movie.

again go see this for the first 10 min opening scene…


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