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Argo- Wow amazing movie, and shocking that its true!

Wow- thats all i can say.  Argo was simply a great movie.  It starts a little slow..but really keeps you interested and im just simply amazed that this is a true story.  Its just shocking as always to see the reality of the hate and craziness of some of these things.. Iran and even the US being involved with a tyrant etc…its more of the convoluted history that has the world hating each other…but wow seeing the horrible hostage taking and what a few people in the CIA did to save some folks was truly inspiring.

Love how the world never even know the truth until Clinton made the information public

Go see this now




Here Comes the Boom: surprisingly had some really funny parts! wish it was R

I went into Here Comes the Boom with very low expectations…and even though it could have been way better (especially if it was an R vs a family friendly PG 13) i actually found myself laughing out loud a few times throughout it!

There are some really solid laughs and scenes that really are hilarious..including some of the facial expressions from the last fight!  But the sad thing is that there are also a bunch of cheesy bad jokes that arent funny at all..and are typical in family comedies.  So it was a mixed bag.

If you are going to see it..go with VERY VERY low expectations..and if like me you are an MMA or UFC fan its worth it for a few of the cameos



Taken 2: Not as good as the first but still Awesome- Liam Neeson Badass’ness continues

If you were a fan of Taken, i dont have to tell you, you’ve already seen Taken 2.   So you already agree..that it wasnt as good as the first but it was still very good!  More of the same Liam neeson kicking ass, and this time in Instanbul.

This time i gotta say the musical score/soundtrack really stoodout for me.  It had great action..and made me miss Istanbul i need to go back!

Definitely worth seeing right away!  The only thing that kind of disappointed me is that i wanted a little more at the ending to really close things off but i guess they are leaving an option for number 3


Go see it!



Paranormal Activity 4: more of the same-but not as well done as the First

I was a huge fan of Paranormal Activity..the original one.  Mostly because not only was it crazy scary..but we finally got to see some realistic reactions by people..i.e you are recording things in your house and we see them watch it the very next day!

But for some reason every single movie after, though they are scary, it seems like the characters totally forget that they have all this video footage ..its like they actively decide to record..and then dont bother looking at it.  Thats exactly my problem with Paranormal Activity 4, yet again there is a “hey lets set up some video”…but basically the characters dont ever bother to watch the footage! its the most frustrating little thing they could have fixed to add one notch of reality

Now besides that i did like a few parts of it..it def was a little scary..but given we are in the 4th one..its not like the first one..its more an expectation in every scene trying to find the demon/ghost.

I will give big props to the folks at Microsoft for working in a HUGE Xbox product placement.  The entire movie shows up Kinect’s infra-red lasers and becomes part of the story line.  Im  betting everyone goes home and checks their kinect to recreate it!

This is worth seeing only as a rental or netflix..dont bother paying full price for it



Sinister: Big let down for a movie that could have been good!

UGH- they had me when they name dropped the producers of Insidious being involved.  And frankly i love scary movies- the concept for this one was really cool.  And the beginning of the movie was really foreboding..the very graphic “found footage” in the story was just disturbing and very “The Ring” like in terms of creepy music and effect.

BUT i am SHOCKED that they actually did the cheesy super imposed ghost face on the camera thing…i dont know what to call it..but do you remember some of those stupid youtube videos where all of a sudden a monster/ghost face pops up on the screen and screams?  They actually did that TWICE in this movie!  it was such a childish, insulting thing to the movie.  Im really surprised Ethan Hawke took this project on..unless they added that crap afterwards off script.

Even at the end of the movie..literally a full screen face of the demon jumps on screen and screams…can someone say CHEESE?

ugh if they had just stuck to the story and the normal effects to scare us it would have been fine…thanks to this stupid “jump out and scare you” i consider this a strait to DVD movie that mistakenly got released

Skip it



Looper- very cool concept..with a twist of super powers made it great…but watch out for the nose!

Looper was a fun movie!  Of course it has the fun sci fi time travel story line…but the real kicker that i liked was the added twist of super powers with one of the characters.  Im a big fan of anything super power related so that was a very cool little unexptected surprise.

I will say though..it was ANNOYING that they decided to put some horrible prosthetic nose on Joseph Gordon Levitt to try and make him look more like Bruce Willis…it made him look odd the entire movie..and really wasnt needed!  i mean hell audiences would accept that he was the younger version without needing a fake nose!


End of Watch- great cop movie, good action and story

End of Watch was great.  I usually hat any of those “hand held camera”/reality video style movies, but this movie made you really forget about that part quickly.  It had decent action..and i’ll warn you its a bit sad.

I think Michael Pena is such an underrated actor! he’s been in some great roles..and he’s great in this.

Worth seeing for sure


Ninis Samuel

Dredd 3D- Darker, Bloodier, not bad at all

Im a fan of Karl Urban, i think he’s a great actor, and needs more leading roles..glad he’s getting them.

Gotta say i really liked this new reboot to Judge Dredd!  It was much darker, way more bloodier and graphic, and even though the 3D was annoying as usual, it was chock full of good action and some VERY cool slo motion scenes.  The slo mo graphics really stood out.

Its worth watching on Demand or renting for sure