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Paranormal Activity 4: more of the same-but not as well done as the First

I was a huge fan of Paranormal Activity..the original one.  Mostly because not only was it crazy scary..but we finally got to see some realistic reactions by people..i.e you are recording things in your house and we see them watch it the very next day!

But for some reason every single movie after, though they are scary, it seems like the characters totally forget that they have all this video footage ..its like they actively decide to record..and then dont bother looking at it.  Thats exactly my problem with Paranormal Activity 4, yet again there is a “hey lets set up some video”…but basically the characters dont ever bother to watch the footage! its the most frustrating little thing they could have fixed to add one notch of reality

Now besides that i did like a few parts of it..it def was a little scary..but given we are in the 4th one..its not like the first one..its more an expectation in every scene trying to find the demon/ghost.

I will give big props to the folks at Microsoft for working in a HUGE Xbox product placement.  The entire movie shows up Kinect’s infra-red lasers and becomes part of the story line.  Im  betting everyone goes home and checks their kinect to recreate it!

This is worth seeing only as a rental or netflix..dont bother paying full price for it




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