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Sinister: Big let down for a movie that could have been good!

UGH- they had me when they name dropped the producers of Insidious being involved.  And frankly i love scary movies- the concept for this one was really cool.  And the beginning of the movie was really foreboding..the very graphic “found footage” in the story was just disturbing and very “The Ring” like in terms of creepy music and effect.

BUT i am SHOCKED that they actually did the cheesy super imposed ghost face on the camera thing…i dont know what to call it..but do you remember some of those stupid youtube videos where all of a sudden a monster/ghost face pops up on the screen and screams?  They actually did that TWICE in this movie!  it was such a childish, insulting thing to the movie.  Im really surprised Ethan Hawke took this project on..unless they added that crap afterwards off script.

Even at the end of the movie..literally a full screen face of the demon jumps on screen and screams…can someone say CHEESE?

ugh if they had just stuck to the story and the normal effects to scare us it would have been fine…thanks to this stupid “jump out and scare you” i consider this a strait to DVD movie that mistakenly got released

Skip it




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