I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Taken 2: Not as good as the first but still Awesome- Liam Neeson Badass’ness continues

If you were a fan of Taken, i dont have to tell you, you’ve already seen Taken 2.   So you already agree..that it wasnt as good as the first but it was still very good!  More of the same Liam neeson kicking ass, and this time in Instanbul.

This time i gotta say the musical score/soundtrack really stoodout for me.  It had great action..and made me miss Istanbul i need to go back!

Definitely worth seeing right away!  The only thing that kind of disappointed me is that i wanted a little more at the ending to really close things off but i guess they are leaving an option for number 3


Go see it!




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