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James Bond Skyfall- Regardless of the Hype, i wasnt impressed, and got bored

First let me say, I loved Casino Royale, i thought it was a refreshing hardcore reboot to James Bond and i think Daniel Craig is awesome.  But i was extremely disappointed with Quantum of Solace- because it was boring and slower, and just had an odd pace to me.

I had high hopes the Skyfall would be a return to the action and pace of Casino Royale, but not so much luck

It was very boring to me.  The fight scenes felt weakened, and there wasnt enough of it.  Frankly speaking a few things were obviously wrong.

First..why did they dye Javier Bardem’s hair blonde?!  it was so distracting and had no reason in the movie, it was such a horrible choice.   Also, why did he and Bond NEVER fight physically in the movie?! to be such an evil “just as good as you” agent, why did they not let us see them in combat?


Regardless of all the money this movie made so far, if you are like me and loved Casino Royale, and didnt love Quantum of Solace, then you’ll likely want to skip Skyfall for DVD or Netflix




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