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Lincoln- Inspiring, Amazing, and a Must See! @lincolnmovie

Lincoln—Wow. Rarely does a movie with such huge hype not only live up to it..but go beyond!  I sat watching Lincoln, truly in awe of the story being told and probably some of the best acting you will ever see by Daniel Day Lewis.

The movie is so timely, given how divided the US is today, and how childish our congressmen are acting, its so eye opening to look back at the history of where we came from.  How surprising it was that originally the Republicans that wanted to abolish slavery and the democrats that did not..and today we have a black democrat as President.

I was worried the movie would be too slow after i saw the trailer, but it was the good slow  It was the intense type of slow that makes you not want to eat popcorn and just focus.  It was so inspiring to be reminded of the type of man Abraham Lincoln was, and to a detail few of us ever knew.

Go see this movie now,and take someone with you.  And remember to be Thankful for what we have..and those that came before us to make it possible.


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