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Killing Them Softly- Ugh disappointing, slow, randomly political with an amazing cast that was wasted on this movie


With a cast including Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, Richard Jenkins, and Ray Liotta, this movie had amazing potential to be great.  Its the whole reason i went to see it assuming these guys would make it memorable.

But wow i was wrong…the movie was slow..and sometimes didnt know if it wanted to be a little comedic and funny or not.  Then sometimes it went to gangster action and bloody but then back to a slow pace.  Even James Gandolfini’s character was almost unnecessary – he was only in the movie for like a total of 15 minutes and then randomly wasnt even shown again..we never got to see his exit or anything.

On top of that..from the opening credits and throughout the entire film, they literally had political messages from President Bush and President Obama around the bailout, at the most random times and would just make everyone in the audience focus on what they were saying.  Part of me thought it was nice that they were reminding us who started all of that stuff, but then it starting to become overkill.  I kept asking myself why they were doing it, and assumed there would be some huge connection at the end.

The hilarious part was it seems like all of that political background and audio playing was all just to set up one simple line for Brad Pitt’s character to say at the very end about America being a business.  What a joke

I hate saying this especially with great actors in the film..but you should skip this and thank me later



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