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Life of Pi: Great movie and story with an slightly annoying ending


Life of Pi is the first Ang Lee movie i’ve seen since he ruined Hulk.  However, the trailer was good enough to make me give him another chance.  The story itself really takes you in, and the entire movie kept you interested.  It was very reminiscent of Castaway with Tom Hanks.  I did love some of the historical storyline about Pondicherry in India. ..and there were a decent number of funny parts up front especially with the main characters multi-religious views!

I will say though the ending annoyed me some.  After a great drama filled story, at the every end the story made you question everything you saw and whether it was all an analogy of what really happened or not.  Sure this is part of the book maybe, but i think for film it would have been nice to just end things vs make us question everything we just saw.

Its definitely still worth seeing and a great movie, i guess Ang Lee won a few points  back with me


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