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Gangster Squad: great action, perfect cast, funny, and based on true events! #movies

Gangster Squad was a great entertaining movie!  The cast was just chock full of some of my favorites including Anthony Mackie (who is totally underrated still) and Michael Pena (who is super versatile in so many movies), besides of course Ryan Gosling and others.

I love movies that are true stories or based on events that most of the world didnt know was true.  Plus, this movie had it all…some hilarious laugh out loud moments, some really great crazy shoot out scenes, and some great drama and sad parts

Its a must see!



Django Unchained- Another fabulous Tarantino movie with everything, action, comedy, and overkill on blood #movies


Jamie Foxx was just perfect for this movie (as well as Christopher Mintz-Plasse).  Despite some of the idiotic critques and comments around this movie, you have to remember its a movie meant to entertain and in the end has you rooting for Django and his revenge on all the slavers in the movie.

There was great action, the usual campy/funny parts that had you laugh out loud, and a hilarious Samuel L Jackson too!

I think this was great Tarantino that showed lots of fun and heart.   As usual its got overload on blood and guts.

Deserving of all the award nominations, and on of Jamie Foxx’s best (in my opinion only next to The Kingdom)



Zero Dark Thirty: Awesome and Eye Opening must see! #movies #truestory


The minute i heard that some members of Congress were speaking out against all the classified information and so called “untrue” torture scenes in Zero Dark Thirty, i knew i had to see it.  It was obvious Katherine Bigelow and Mark Boal got access to more info than they were supposed to and whenever a bunch of Congressmen are scared of the information shown in the movie, you know its good.

Wow was it impressive! its a must see.  Great story around the truth of the chase for Bin Laden, and the one CIA agent who had to fight hard against internal politics to finalliy find him.  The last portion of the movie and the action were awesome.

I also love how the timeline took us through quite a few years of true events and terrorist attacks that we as the public never knew the details behind until now.

Its a must see now!



The Hobbit: High Frame Rate killed this movie for me! Everything looked fake #movies



Can i just use that word to describe my feelings and anger towards the new HFR resolution Peter Jackson used in the Hobbit. I wish..I SO wish i had gone to a regular showing of it..i bet i might have liked it.

But that HFS distracted me the entire movie.  Everything looked extremely fake..the makeup, the trees and hills..everything.  It was like being in Las vegas or at Disney world with all the fake facades everywhere.

This is the entire problem with going too far in HD resolutions..movies start looking like home video and bad tv soap opera quality.   I like the movie “texture” of a film so i know im watching a movie.  Its also why i keep the ultra high definition setting of my TV turned off

So The Hobbit, if you are going to see it..please do yourself a favor and watch it in a normal theater showing NOT anything marked HFR

Im a huge fan of the LOTR franchise so i’ll look forward to the second one and avoid HFR.  Id say the movie still lacked real action and was far too campy compared to all the other movies which i felt had balance.