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The Hobbit: High Frame Rate killed this movie for me! Everything looked fake #movies



Can i just use that word to describe my feelings and anger towards the new HFR resolution Peter Jackson used in the Hobbit. I wish..I SO wish i had gone to a regular showing of it..i bet i might have liked it.

But that HFS distracted me the entire movie.  Everything looked extremely fake..the makeup, the trees and hills..everything.  It was like being in Las vegas or at Disney world with all the fake facades everywhere.

This is the entire problem with going too far in HD resolutions..movies start looking like home video and bad tv soap opera quality.   I like the movie “texture” of a film so i know im watching a movie.  Its also why i keep the ultra high definition setting of my TV turned off

So The Hobbit, if you are going to see it..please do yourself a favor and watch it in a normal theater showing NOT anything marked HFR

Im a huge fan of the LOTR franchise so i’ll look forward to the second one and avoid HFR.  Id say the movie still lacked real action and was far too campy compared to all the other movies which i felt had balance.



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