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Zero Dark Thirty: Awesome and Eye Opening must see! #movies #truestory


The minute i heard that some members of Congress were speaking out against all the classified information and so called “untrue” torture scenes in Zero Dark Thirty, i knew i had to see it.  It was obvious Katherine Bigelow and Mark Boal got access to more info than they were supposed to and whenever a bunch of Congressmen are scared of the information shown in the movie, you know its good.

Wow was it impressive! its a must see.  Great story around the truth of the chase for Bin Laden, and the one CIA agent who had to fight hard against internal politics to finalliy find him.  The last portion of the movie and the action were awesome.

I also love how the timeline took us through quite a few years of true events and terrorist attacks that we as the public never knew the details behind until now.

Its a must see now!



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