I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Mama- not too scary but not bad at all #movies


I love scary movies…love them and always hope to find really scary ones (which are a rare find).  The concept of Del Toro’s Mama was really intriguing and he’s one of my favorite writer/directors when it comes to things like horror or fantasy. I have to say the movie itself was pretty decent.  Although i didnt find it that scary, because they showed the ghost so early and so much, it was more thrilling than scary.

The cast was great..of course Jessica Chastain was great but the surprise to me were the amazing little actresses that played the little girls! Wow especially the smaller one that basically had to spend most the movie acting almost like an animal, the kind of talent at such a young age really stole the show.


Worth seeing , just dont worry about too many scares.



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