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Dead Man Down:Really great! Dark, Deep, complex and good action #movies

I have to say Dead Man Down deserved much better marketing than it got!  The movie was great! It wasnt just a regular revenge/action movie..it felt deeper, more emotional..and it had a great story with a few good complex levels.  Colin Farrell was great in it and so was Terrence Howard (im a big fan of both of them).

Even though it was a long movie, you didnt get bored and it had a decent number of action scenes and a really bad ass finale battle scene that i liked a lot.

One  odd thing to me was that the trailers must have been done by a really bad agency or they were rushed.  The trailers completely mistook the movie to be completely different…as if Terrence Howard’s character was going after Colin Farrells character the entire movie when it fact i was the other way around.

Id also say i kinda hated the character Noomi Rapace played..maybe it was her fault..maybe it was the role…it just got me mad lots..especially the really bad french music playing on the radio and at the credits..they could have chosen something better!

Anyway this movie is worth seeing



Oz The Great and Powerful: not so great, not so powerful just average #movies

The visuals of Oz the Great and Powerful..and the trailer..had me hoping it would be like Alice and Wonderland..both visually amazing and a good movie.  BUT..Oz just lacked something.  I didnt absolutely hate it or anything, but i didnt love it by far.   It felt long and kinda boring at points, didnt have a ton of great comedy or action, and i kinda feel like James Franco was mis- cast in this.  Something about him didnt exactly feel right.  Even Mila Kunis who im a fan of, didnt exactly seem right for this…and her make up as the wicked witch looked really cheesy

There were a couple funny moments with the little flying monkey, and i will say the last 20 mins of the movie were much better and fun.

Id suggest waiting for Netflix on this one



21 and Over: Horrible, lacked focus and not funny #movies


Ugh movies like this make me mad.  The trailer made it out to be a funny mix of Hangover and SuperBad type movie…and the trailer made it seem like the focus was the asian kid just turning 21.  BUT…it wasnt!

The entire movie was a weird back and forth between the side characters and their story not really the supposed main character at all.  So literally you start wondering what the movie is about and who’s perspective its trying to focus on.

Thats just the thing..it was a completely incoherent story line because of that.  The entire drunken 21yr old party thing became an odd side show at some times.

Beyond that, it wasnt funny!  The only real funny parts were in the trailer ..which always makes me mad

Def not worth seeing at all


Dark Skies: Freaky with some great scares! Pretty good! #movies


Dark Skies was GOOD!  I love a good creepy Sci Fi movie..and this definitely delivered.  Really great scary scenes and just a really freaky premise that seems realistic.

I loved the acting by the kids and Keri Russel, but i hated the actor they chose to play the husband and his acting.  Just felt completely mis-cast ..the movie would have been 10x better with a stronger actor in that role.

If you are a Sci Fi/supernatural fan..definitely go see this!



Beautiful Creatures: Big let down with no chemistry between the cast #moviesb

Im a fan of supernatural movies regardless if they are supposedly romantic types like Twilight etc.. So i thought id give Beautiful Creatures a chance.  The premise sorta reminded me of NightWatch/DayWatch.

The one big issue i had that just killed the movie for me was the utter lack of chemistry between the main actors.  It felt so completely forced and there was no real romantic chemistry at all.  Something about the actor that was the lead just seemed off like he was trying too hard to like the girl ..or maybe it was the overt southern accent etc

The only cool super power usage was at the very end and not all that worth it

Dont believe the hype just because it was a famous set of books even if you are a tween i doubt you will like it.  It barely made any money either


Identity Thief: Ugh so bad i walked out, and I felt bad for Jason Bateman #movies

I rarely ever walk out of a movie…but wow Identify Thief was just too much cringe worthy cheese and i couldnt watch…  It  was not funny and way too cheesy and corny and unbelievable.

Im a huge Jason Bateman fan too..so i felt bad leaving but wow horrible written flick..i dont know maybe i could have stayed through to the end and felt better about it..but doubtful

Dont believe the hype..skip this



Bullet to The Head: wow worse then i thought and i didnt expect much #movies

I didnt expect an oscar worthy movie when i saw Bullet to The Head, by no means.  But i at least thought it would be some decent action

There was way too much awkward dialogue, slow scenes, and the action wasnt enough to make up for it.

I will say the biggest disappointment was the complete lack of chemistry between Stallone and Sung Kang (who i loved in Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift and the others).  I was really surprised at the just cringe worthy exchanges between them that made no sense..and i dont know if Sung was having a bad week or what but he didnt bring his A game.

Jason Momoa was ok as the bad guy, but he def wasnt in his Kahl Drogo Game of Thrones form at all

Skip this one


A Good Day to Die Hard: Big awkward let down! And i really wanted to like it #movies #reviews


Let me just say first, im a HUGE fan of the Die Hard series and of Bruce Willis.  I thought the previous Live Free or Die Hard was awesome!  So coming into A Good Day to Die Hard, i really expected at least that good of an experience.

But sadly everything was off on this movie

From awkward unnecessary scenes like when McClain is in the taxi having what seems like the longest most awkward pause filled converation ever, to the fact that without reacting normaly or questioning anything, he just jumps right into action and steals a truck and all kinds of random stuff.

Actually i think one moment really ruined it in the beginning, when McClain first punches a guy on the street- they used the most cheesy cartoon punch effect ive ever heard! it was a joke!

The whole movie had way too much awkward pause, and sadly very little chemistry between father and son ..and no real flow to the story or action

Im disappointed for bruce on this one



Warm Bodies: Slow boring first half killed this for me #movies

I had high hopes for this movie..the idea of a zombie romantic comedy made me think back to amazing movies like Zombieland.

To be honest this was a pure execution failure.  The entire first half of the movie was so ridiculously slow, i think i heard half of the theater sleeping.  Actually more like first 70 percent of the movie.

It only picked up in the very last 20 minutes.  There should have been much more funny zombie stuff, and they should have moved the story along much faster. A great cast was wasted here.