I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

21 and Over: Horrible, lacked focus and not funny #movies


Ugh movies like this make me mad.  The trailer made it out to be a funny mix of Hangover and SuperBad type movie…and the trailer made it seem like the focus was the asian kid just turning 21.  BUT…it wasnt!

The entire movie was a weird back and forth between the side characters and their story not really the supposed main character at all.  So literally you start wondering what the movie is about and who’s perspective its trying to focus on.

Thats just the thing..it was a completely incoherent story line because of that.  The entire drunken 21yr old party thing became an odd side show at some times.

Beyond that, it wasnt funny!  The only real funny parts were in the trailer ..which always makes me mad

Def not worth seeing at all


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