I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Beautiful Creatures: Big let down with no chemistry between the cast #moviesb

Im a fan of supernatural movies regardless if they are supposedly romantic types like Twilight etc.. So i thought id give Beautiful Creatures a chance.  The premise sorta reminded me of NightWatch/DayWatch.

The one big issue i had that just killed the movie for me was the utter lack of chemistry between the main actors.  It felt so completely forced and there was no real romantic chemistry at all.  Something about the actor that was the lead just seemed off like he was trying too hard to like the girl ..or maybe it was the overt southern accent etc

The only cool super power usage was at the very end and not all that worth it

Dont believe the hype just because it was a famous set of books even if you are a tween i doubt you will like it.  It barely made any money either


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