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Oz The Great and Powerful: not so great, not so powerful just average #movies

The visuals of Oz the Great and Powerful..and the trailer..had me hoping it would be like Alice and Wonderland..both visually amazing and a good movie.  BUT..Oz just lacked something.  I didnt absolutely hate it or anything, but i didnt love it by far.   It felt long and kinda boring at points, didnt have a ton of great comedy or action, and i kinda feel like James Franco was mis- cast in this.  Something about him didnt exactly feel right.  Even Mila Kunis who im a fan of, didnt exactly seem right for this…and her make up as the wicked witch looked really cheesy

There were a couple funny moments with the little flying monkey, and i will say the last 20 mins of the movie were much better and fun.

Id suggest waiting for Netflix on this one



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  1. The movie packs a nice balance of nostalgia and fun, but also treads just enough new ground to serve as a wonderful companion piece to the 1939 masterpiece. It’s a fun movie, and that’s what matters. Good review Ninis.

    March 11, 2013 at 7:14 AM

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