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42 Jackie Robinson Movie is a must see! inspiring and a true story #movies #reviews


42 the Jackie Robinson story was such an inspiring eye opening movie.  I never stopped to think about how crazy the situation was for him at the time, the kind of hate and racism and ridicule he endured.  I love that this movie reminds us all about amazing people like him that changed America, and its still a little scary to think this was only 65 years ago.

The movie it self was a bit of a slow steady burn, not action packed etc, but the content and the depth really kept you fully into it, and it didnt get boring at all.  Harrison Ford was great as Branch Rickey, someone who was a bit of an unsung hero in this story that deserves great credit for havin the balls to bring black baseball player into the major leagues back then.  Also big kudos to the relatively unknown actor that played Jackie ..Chadwick Boseman was great.

Everyone should see this movie,..if you are white, black, brown or whatever its a story the relates to us all.




The Place Beyond The Pines: WOW A Must See Amazing movie! #movies #placebeyondthepines #gosling #cooper

WOW…Stop what you are doing, stop reading this, and go see The Place Beyond the Pines now!

It was truly a unique movie …nice and long..but takes you through 3 different overlapping time periods of connected storylines..and you are drawn in every second!..its not super fast paced..but pretty deep.

The cast was phenomenal..Ryan Gosling and Bradley cooper..both were just awesome.  The musical score was perfect…and i was pleasantly surprised that the trailer didnt do the movie justice at all!  Trust me you will go in assuming what its about,..and have no idea that its basically almost 3 separate acts start and finish.

If you are still reading this, you didnt listen…go see it!



Evil Dead remake: Better than the first, but still just gore overload without scares #movies #reviews

All you fans of the original Evil Dead, dont hate me..but i didnt really love the original at all.  I thought it was cheesy and campy..and pretty much like most of Sam Raimi’s movies, more annoying and jokey when i want real scares.

So I didnt have high hopes given he was behind this remake, but figured with modern effects he might do it better.

I will admit, the gore etc was better this time, but again super over the top..just a huge bloody mess of a movie.  Which doesnt make it bad.  I just wish it was actually scary!

Yet again Sam Raimi goes for camp vs really dark scares…so i didnt really love it because of that.

Plus yet again the characters acted stupid and not realistic at all ..yes i know its a movie..but come on cant we finally see some people react like a regular person would.just to make it more realistic?

So better then the original..yes..but a great movie or scary ?..No

Netflix or on demand for sure


G.I Joe Retaliation: Less campy then the first, but not as good even with The Rock #movies #reviews


So the first G.I. Joe, wasnt all that bad.  Sure it was a little hokey and campy with some over the top special effects and CGI, but it was still entertaining.   I thought the second one would have been bad ass, especially given they added The Rock.

But there were tons of problems.  First..Channing Tatum wasnt in the movie except the first 15 minutes!  This was his franchise, not sure why he bailed, and i think tons of fans of the first gave it a bad wrap even before it came out when this news broke.

Plus..for some reason they couldnt get almost anyone else from the first film to return to have some semblance of continuation other than Tatum and Arnold Voslu.    I hate when sequels dont have the same characthers.

Now i will say I loved The Rock in it, and having Bruce Willis.  But you cant go from a super hi tech 1st movie, and then have no fancy tech in the second movie.

So was it an ok movie? sure…but not as good as the first..not awesome..but just decent shoot em up movie

Skipping till its on Netflix is not a bad idea


Olympus Has Fallen: Awesome action with Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman! #movies #reviews #gerardbutler


Olympus Has Fallen delivered on everything you were promised in the trailers..good old action with Gerard Butler!  Crazy action and battle scenes, great fights,  and a surprisingly good cast!

Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman…and Gerard butler killing north Koreans all in the same movie.  Yes you should go see this and enjoy how timely the topic is!

This is one of those, ignore the regular critics, they just dont get that sometimes we all just wanna see some old school action!



The Croods: A few good laughs and not bad for grown ups #movies #reviews


I try to see any good animated movie that looks like it might be funny for grown ups.  It feels like its been ages since we’ve had decent ones like Shrek, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo etc,

The Croods is not in the same league as those, but its definitely an entertaining movie, with a few decent laughs, awesome graphics, and you dont get bored half way through! Thats always the mark of a decent kids movie.

Its worth seeing or taking any kids  you’ll enjoy it!