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Evil Dead remake: Better than the first, but still just gore overload without scares #movies #reviews

All you fans of the original Evil Dead, dont hate me..but i didnt really love the original at all.  I thought it was cheesy and campy..and pretty much like most of Sam Raimi’s movies, more annoying and jokey when i want real scares.

So I didnt have high hopes given he was behind this remake, but figured with modern effects he might do it better.

I will admit, the gore etc was better this time, but again super over the top..just a huge bloody mess of a movie.  Which doesnt make it bad.  I just wish it was actually scary!

Yet again Sam Raimi goes for camp vs really dark scares…so i didnt really love it because of that.

Plus yet again the characters acted stupid and not realistic at all ..yes i know its a movie..but come on cant we finally see some people react like a regular person would.just to make it more realistic?

So better then the original..yes..but a great movie or scary ?..No

Netflix or on demand for sure


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