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The Conjuring: Crazy Scary, Well Made, from Horror genius James Wan #movies #theconjuring


The Conjuring was just awesome.  Im a big fan of scary movies, and honestly its so hard to find truly scary movies anymore.  When i first heard about this movie and that it was based on the true story of Ed and Lorraine Warren i was hooked, but when i heard James Wan was directing (he gave us Insidious which i thought was the best horror movie of the year it came out) i was even more excited.

He didnt disappoint!  Not only was the movie extremely scary, it did it in a way that felt so real.  We’ve all seen haunted house and possession movies before but this was done with what can only be described as what i call “natural” scares.  He didnt need huge loud sound effects to make you jump (like Sam Raimi relies on)..you jump because its so damn scary.

Its also just truly disturbing to know this was a true story and that according to the real family and Lorraine Warren the movie is fairly accurate in many parts.   I also think it was cast very well.  Vera Farmiga was a great choice and so was Patrick Wilson.   You really felt how the real Ed and Lorraine are doing all this to just help people and because they care.

The only thing i wish was that we could see the actual video footage and photos from the investigation back then.  If any of it exist still, wanted to see that either on the web or during credits.

I can only hope that James Wan keeps bringing us more movies like this..and i cant wait for Insidious 2.

If you havent seen this yet..go see it now!




Pacific Rim: Delivers what it promises and its great! Giant Robots and Giant Monsters!


Its like a sci fi kid’s dream, giant robots fighting giant monsters.. Pacific Rim was great!

Sure some people may laugh at the concept..but the action was just great! The visuals, the expanse and size of the fight scenes really draws you in. Its one of those fun movies that you will never get bored in.

Plus i love the cast. Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba are 2 of the best actors today, who i think are still very underrated.  The story was great and they didnt spare any expense on the visual effects…nothing looked cheap or too fake


Definitely go see this now!



Man of Steel: WOW see it more than once! FINALLY a Superman movie done right! #movies

WOW Man of Steel was everything i hoped for!  I mean with Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder behind it, how could it be anything less?

Henry Cavill was a perfect choice for Superman..and Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner i think really made the film great.  Not to mention Michael Shannon was superb as Zod.

But beyond the cast the movie itself was everything you can hope for.  All the story and scenes on Krypton were awesome, i loved the darkness and action of the entire movie.  The fight scenes were great. Plus i really loved the ending, even though some people felt it was wrong…i felt it was exactly what the franchise needed.

I cant wait for the sequel  Ive already seen in 3 times!  Yes 3 times! i rarely ever have done that with a movie.

The soundtrack also is so inspiring, i downloaded it for use when jogging!


Go see it now!



World War Z: Meh..just another average zombie movie sadly


Well i was hoping that since Brad Pitt was involved that WWZ would be crazy good.

It wasnt horrible, and i enjoyed the movie enough. But its hard to look at it and think its any more than just another average zombie movie. I guess all i can say is “meh”

It was very predictable, and pretty standard story.  I heard apparently the book was way better..but hey..who needs to read books lol

I also had problem with the marketing/trailers…they avoided showing the zombies..so lots of people didnt know it was about zombies from the marketing of it.

If you are zombie apocalypse movie fan..sure go see this.



Monsters University: Cute for kids, great visuals, but not great the first one

I think Monsters Inc back in the day just set the bar and was unique because it was amazing visually and really funny/new.   But Monsters University let me down a bit.  It wasnt very funny for adults like the first.  Plus it was much more geared towards little kids, with campy joke etc.

If you have kids to take, take them.  But dont assume anything like the first movie or shrek in terms of laughs

its a cute nice movie only



The Purge: Unique concept, Good cast, just not the right movie plot for it

I didnt hate The Purge at all, it was unique and a decent action/thriller/slasher movie.  But the problem was that the movie didnt match up with the concept.  The idea of a free for all night where all crime and murder in a city is legal had so much potential!  But they focused the movie only on one family and one house.  They should have brought us the entire world of this mindset and shown us a much bigger story line.


The movie was done well just didnt meet my expectations for the concept.  Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey were great..love them both ..but could have been a much bigger movie.

Worth seeing just keep low expectaions


Fast and Furious 6: They just keep gettin better! Plus stay for the credits! #movies

Who would have predicted 6 Fast and Furious movies, and the fact that they are getting bigger and better!?  Im so happy for the cast and Justin Lin who i think really understands how to make these movies the right way for those of us that love em.

Not only did they bring back the Rock and the original cast, but it was all kinds of amazing action and fight scenes that would make anyone happy.

but the coolest thing about FF6 was the setup for FF 7!  Stay for the credits scene and y0u will see that finally they have brought Jason Statham into the mix! And they did so by tying it all up to Tokyo drift and finally catching the movies up to each other.

I cant wait for the next one!



The Great Gatsby: the music was great, movie not horrible


The Great Gatsby was all about the funky use of modern music and Jay-Z…thats what made the movie worth seeing.


Other than that it was just your standard flick, i went in with very very very low expectations so that helped me enjoy it.

Its decent for a future rental..and not bad..but its nothing breakthrough and feels alot like the standard movie version of the book everyone has seen already

go get the soundtrack maybe skip the movie


Star Trek Into Darkness: JJ Abrams and crew does it again! Awesome action #movies


Star Trek Into Darkness was an awesome sequel.  Im already a bit biased because i partnered with Paramount back int he day to sponsor the first one and met JJ and Chris Pine and the rest.  All great people

But Wow, JJ Abrams continues to show he is one of the best directors around. The movie had great action and visuals as i expected.  A great few funny parts…and the cast including Benedict Cumberbach this time was awesome.

I actually never knew the story line of Khan, so i really enjoyed all aspects of it.

Definitely catch this On Demand soon



Iron Man 3- Good, but not great. Let down by the Mandarin and the Ending


Iron Man 3 was good, but i think it was a big missed opportunity to be amazing like the first one.  I think Shane Black was probably a mistake as director..also because i’m such a Jon Favreau fan.


Given most people have seen this by now im gonna have spoilers…

My big problem was that they made the Mandarin a joke/fake villain.  In the comics hes real and in the trailers i thought Ben Kingsley was amazing as the Mandarin only to find out in the movie they made him not even real.  Ugh

Also why destroy all the different iron man suits at the end! WTF! we go the whole movie without them being used (which also makes no sense) only to self destruct them and make Tony not wanna be Iron Man anymore?

Plus..why the cheesebal credits?

Lets just hope Avengers 2 and the rest coming out soon are better



Oblivion- Awesome Movie, Great Visuals, Music, and Morgan Freeman! #movies

Oblivion was a movie that really stood out to me.  Ive been behind in writing reviews the past few months, and hopefully when it comes out soon for On Demand people will watch it.

The concept first of all was very cool..post alien invasion of earth sci fi, a bit more unique than most.  Plus the cast was great..Tom Cruise can still really pull a movie but when you mix in Morgan Freeman you have a great flick!

The visuals of the world, the clean futuristic design was really awesome.  But what really really really (did i say really?) stood out was the amazing soundtrack  It literally pushed along the foreboding, the drama, the sadness everything needed throughout the movie.

I downloaded the soundtrack right after i saw it.

If you havent already seen this, definitely be on the lookout for it for rentals/On Demand soon!