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The Conjuring: Crazy Scary, Well Made, from Horror genius James Wan #movies #theconjuring


The Conjuring was just awesome.  Im a big fan of scary movies, and honestly its so hard to find truly scary movies anymore.  When i first heard about this movie and that it was based on the true story of Ed and Lorraine Warren i was hooked, but when i heard James Wan was directing (he gave us Insidious which i thought was the best horror movie of the year it came out) i was even more excited.

He didnt disappoint!  Not only was the movie extremely scary, it did it in a way that felt so real.  We’ve all seen haunted house and possession movies before but this was done with what can only be described as what i call “natural” scares.  He didnt need huge loud sound effects to make you jump (like Sam Raimi relies on)..you jump because its so damn scary.

Its also just truly disturbing to know this was a true story and that according to the real family and Lorraine Warren the movie is fairly accurate in many parts.   I also think it was cast very well.  Vera Farmiga was a great choice and so was Patrick Wilson.   You really felt how the real Ed and Lorraine are doing all this to just help people and because they care.

The only thing i wish was that we could see the actual video footage and photos from the investigation back then.  If any of it exist still, wanted to see that either on the web or during credits.

I can only hope that James Wan keeps bringing us more movies like this..and i cant wait for Insidious 2.

If you havent seen this yet..go see it now!




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