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The Wolverine- Too slow, too weak and even a cheap animatronic bear! But stay for the credits #movies



I love Hugh Jackman, Love Wolverine..BUT wow The Wolverine was such a huge letdown for me.

To start things off in the beginning of the film they use a horribly fake looking animatronic bear!  Seriously if even TV shows can get real grizzly bears how can a movie with a budget of $100 Million or more not get a real bear or at least decent CGI effects!  I literally cringed both times you see the bear! I even saw a tweet or article online from the studio praising the team that made the bear! they should be embarrassed!

needless to say i was worried at that point…

The big problem with the movie is that most of it is slow and not enough true dark hard hitting action.  Wolverine is weakend and without healing powers almost the entire movie!  None of us fans want to see that! we want to see him kicking ass the entire time, not in a romantic plot.  Sure there were some decent fight scenes, and Hugh Jackman as always is the perfect choice as Wolverine…but 80% of the movie was him weak, and the movie felt slow/boring.


Even worse they left him at the end of the movie without his adamantium claws! they were just bone.

The only thing you need to do is stay for the credits scene really the best part of the film.


Sigh… i’ll look forward to the next X Men movie supposedly will be awesome and make up for this.