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Insidious 2: James Wan does it again! Scary, unique, & well tied to the first! #movies #reviews

Wow- James Wan has got to be the best Horror director of our generation.  And Insidious 2 was everything i hoped for and more!

Not only was it scary like the first one, but you go in expecting a typical sequel story..but you dont get just that.  They connected it in really crazy awesome ways to the first movie!   Great acting by the cast and really great music that really sets the tone reminiscent of the first movie.

Plus i loved at the end the connection to a possible 3rd movie.

This is a movie all scary movie fans should go see right away!




Riddick: A good 3rd installment, but not as good as the last two! #movies #reviews #vindiesel


Im  a huge Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick fan, as well of course of Vin Diesel.  So i was really looking forward to Riddick sequel #3.  And for the most part the movie was ok.  The problem is each of the last left me wanting more and i expected the same kind of fast paced action bad ass movie.

For some reason Riddick seemed a bit slower, he wasnt as bad ass or as good as he was in the last movies.  Plus a few things towards the end seems like they would not have happened to the old riddick.

If you are a fan you will like it.  And i will say they do a commendable job trying to quickly tie up loose ends to connect to the last movie and even the first movie….just wanted a lot more.

Hopefully they make a 4th one!


The World’s End: Just a Boring slow non-comedy not worth the time #movies #reviews


UGH i went in expecting Shaun of the Dead level laughs and quality.  Instead The World’s End was a  slow borefest.  Most of the time no one in the theater was laughing at the dumb jokes.  There were of course a couple really funny moments but i expected way better.  Simon Pegg seems to have lots of hits or misses

It just didnt have the pacing right.  And the story just dragged on and got boring very fast.

Skip this



Elysium: Wow great movie and Sci Fi action from Damon and Blomkamp #movies #reviews


Elysium was awesome!  If any of you were fans of District 9 you will love the feeling, and gritty visuals of Elysium.  Really unique concept, but with some really cool sci fi action.  I have to say until Sharlto Copley opened his mouth in the movie i didnt even recognize him playing the bad ass bad guy!   The cast was superb..of course Matt Damon, Copley, Meg Foster, and a few other smaller faves of mine.

Its worth seeing right away or on demand when it comes out.


It will make you crave the next Neil Blomkamp film!



2 Guns: Denzel and Wahlberg make it good, just not great #movies #reviews


Any movie with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg would be a good bet….and for the most part 2 Guns was good.  It had a few ok laughs, ok action, but it was just all very predictable and expected.  It wasnt bad, but it wasnt a movie id run back to see again.

Its good for a netflix one day



Kick-Ass 2: Unfortunate let down, not like the first #movies #reviews


UGH- Kick Ass 2 was a let down.  Instead of staying more true to the first, they went more campy and stupid..including things like projectile vomit and diarrhea in this one.  There wasnt enough real great fighting and it all felt very forced and cheeseball.

Skipping it wont be a bad idea



Fruitvale Station: Shocking and Sad because its true #movies #reviews

The sheet shock value of the factual parts of Fruitvale station will move you, its both sad and maddening.  The move was great. You almost dont want to believe the coincidences involved and how real the story was.  They didnt try to portray the main character as perfectly innocent, which is why the real tragedy of the real events hits you hard

definitely worth seeing!   And i think Michael B. Jordan was great..he was good in Friday Night Lights and has a bright future