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Riddick: A good 3rd installment, but not as good as the last two! #movies #reviews #vindiesel


Im  a huge Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick fan, as well of course of Vin Diesel.  So i was really looking forward to Riddick sequel #3.  And for the most part the movie was ok.  The problem is each of the last left me wanting more and i expected the same kind of fast paced action bad ass movie.

For some reason Riddick seemed a bit slower, he wasnt as bad ass or as good as he was in the last movies.  Plus a few things towards the end seems like they would not have happened to the old riddick.

If you are a fan you will like it.  And i will say they do a commendable job trying to quickly tie up loose ends to connect to the last movie and even the first movie….just wanted a lot more.

Hopefully they make a 4th one!



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