I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

American Hustle: Super slow for the first 70% of the movie! but some great acting, not as ground breaking as it could have been #movies #reviews #brownmovieguy

American Hustle has a dream cast..really it doesnt get any better than Christian Bale, Brad cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams and more…even Louis C.K was in there!

But wow for a movie with such hype and critical acclaim/expected oscars etc..it was So SLOW! the 90 minutes  just crawled by and really gets you tired.

It picked up significantly at the last portion ..which doesnt quite redeem itself but is really entertaining with the twists and fun.

I will say though, i rarely call out amazing performances..you really have to be something special to me to be called out for acting (think Heath Ledger as Joker) …so when i say Jennifer Lawrence’s performance was great..i mean it was great even in the slow parts it stood out.

So worth seeing because of the cast and its going to be an oscar contender..but ive warned you its a slow burn..until the last half



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