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Anchorman 2: just ok…some very funny parts mixed with awkwardly bad part #movies #reviews #brownmovieguy

Its funny..my feelings on Anchorman 2 are almost exactly the same as my original feelings about Anchorman..I didnt like it when i first saw it…but i grew to love after a few more times.

Anchorman 2 had some really solid laughs..i give it that..but there were also too many just awkward non-funny jokes that could have cut down the movie time..it did feel long at one point..which to me is a sign of too many unfunny jokes.  The scenes with Ron and the black family at dinner were hilarious and they should have explored that more than they did. Maybe to avoid controversy

Everyone that is a Will Ferrell Fan and Anchorman loyalist will see this anyways..but i suggest go in with low expectations and you will like it better

Im guessing i’ll like it more once i see it a few more times



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