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Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom – wow so moving, a must see with the amazing Idris Elba #movies #reviews #brownmovieguy

Mandela Long Walk to Freedom is a MUST see.

First the movie and story itself will open so many eyes on a topic and a country that so many people (specifically i think Americans) never really understood …most of us never new what was happening or Mandela’s roots/history that made him the man he became. It doesnt portray him as some saint..and i want to believe it was accurate

And most of what happened was recent! we’re talking the 80s and 90s!

then add the fact that one of the best actors (and i believe most underrated) of our time Idris Elba is in it..its a must see. I can only hope he gets some award nominations for his performance.

Go see this now ..stop reading and go




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