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Thor 2: Dark World – better than the first but still not hard hitting! #movies #reviews #brownmovieguy



Ive been behind on reivews so catching up

I really didnt like the first Thor..i think he was weak and the movie was slow (except all the parts on Asgard)…I loved what they did with Thor in the Avengers…so when Thor 2 came out i had higher expectations

I will say they did finally give us more action like we were all hoping…but yet again it seemed like the action scenes were too slow, and he wasnt as strong or as fast as he should be! It needed to be harder hitting ..darker..stronger..faster less family friendly in my eyes.  But that said it was a big step up from the first

All of this is really just filler until we get Avengers 2..so its worth seeing though not really worth staying for the credits at all



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