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Ender’s Game: really great sci fi action and worth seeing! #movies #brownmovieguy #reviews


The critics had Enders Game wrong, and i went in with low expectations esepcially given all the recent kid novel adaptations have been sorta crappy.

But Ender’s Game was really great! Plenty of real story and funny parts, mixed in with some great sci fi space action scenes and of course a dash of Harrison Ford.  Even sir Ben Kingsley made an appearance!   Underrated but worth a look.

This is definitely worth seeing for anyone that like sci fi movies


Thor 2: Dark World – better than the first but still not hard hitting! #movies #reviews #brownmovieguy



Ive been behind on reivews so catching up

I really didnt like the first Thor..i think he was weak and the movie was slow (except all the parts on Asgard)…I loved what they did with Thor in the Avengers…so when Thor 2 came out i had higher expectations

I will say they did finally give us more action like we were all hoping…but yet again it seemed like the action scenes were too slow, and he wasnt as strong or as fast as he should be! It needed to be harder hitting ..darker..stronger..faster less family friendly in my eyes.  But that said it was a big step up from the first

All of this is really just filler until we get Avengers 2..so its worth seeing though not really worth staying for the credits at all


12 Years a Slave : Moving, Sad, and heartbreaking because its true with great cast #movies


Wow.  12 Years as Slave was so sad, disturbing, and moving.  True stories like this always get to me, but it takes really great acting and a cast to pull this off…and it had it!  The cast was amazing and full of the best !  Chiwetel Ejiofor has been so underappreciated i think his whole career, and im happy he was perfect for the leade here.  Of course im always a fan of  Michael K. Williams (from the Wire and now in Homeland), Michael Fassbender and even Brad Pitt was in it.

Go see this now, if you are an American we owe it to ourselves to see this movie and remember what kind of history we had regardless of your race.



Carrie- Great remake! Dont listen to Critics #movies


Do NOT listen to critics on this one!  Go see Carrie, it was a good remake! Frankly it had what i wanted..cool use of powers and some good revenge !  Is it oscar worthy? no of course not.  And sure maybe a little of the acting by Chloe Moritz was a little over the top but go in with low expectations and this movie will surprise you.  Its not scary (and its not supposed to be) its more about the thriller/scifi/bloody revenge kinda thing


I wasnt a huge fan of the ending  but hope they consider a sequel

Perfect time to go see this during Halloween



Captain Phillips- Amazing true story that keeps you on edge

Tom Hanks is one of the greatest actors of all time, that goes without saying.  But when you put him anywhere near water he just shines haha

Captain Phillips was such a great movie- not only because it was a true story, but because it gave you an even sided view of the story from both the pirates perspective as well as the victims.   You almost dont want to believe this is what happened but it did!

Tom Hanks is brilliant in this, but really the leader of the pirates almost outshines him in this movie! He’s a great unknown actor.

I also loved the Navy Seals in this movie, they are such badasses!  Imagine the things they’ve done that we dont ever get to know or see a movie about!  They came in and did their job here and l loved Max Martini’s character as the Seal team leader.

This is worth seeing now!



Gravity: Wow a must see, original & def an oscar contender #movies #space

Gravity was amazing.  Lives up to all the hype. Go see it now

First of all the concept and idea itself is really unique. We’ve never gotten a movie like this..all the typical space movies are the same formula, but this is disturbingly realistic.

Its also almost only Sandra Bullock the entire time and she really carries it well!  Clooney is great in it also, but the movie really keeps you at the edge of your seat the entire time.

The visuals are breathtaking and definitely a must see


Prisoners: dark, thrilling, and keeps you guessing #movies


Prisoners was really good! It had lots of good buzz and I was hoping it would live up to the expecations and it did!

The story itself is dark and realistic for anyone that has kids or young relatives etc.. and the cast was great. Love seeing a darker side of Hugh Jackman and always a fan of Terrence Howard.


What set it apart from the usual kidnapping thriller movie formula was that it kept the audience guessing about what was going on. Lots of twists and new suspects etc


Really worth seeing now!