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Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom – wow so moving, a must see with the amazing Idris Elba #movies #reviews #brownmovieguy

Mandela Long Walk to Freedom is a MUST see.

First the movie and story itself will open so many eyes on a topic and a country that so many people (specifically i think Americans) never really understood …most of us never new what was happening or Mandela’s roots/history that made him the man he became. It doesnt portray him as some saint..and i want to believe it was accurate

And most of what happened was recent! we’re talking the 80s and 90s!

then add the fact that one of the best actors (and i believe most underrated) of our time Idris Elba is in it..its a must see. I can only hope he gets some award nominations for his performance.

Go see this now ..stop reading and go




Grudge Match: Funny, but such a missed opportunity to be more! #movies #reviews #brownmovieguy

Grudge Match was a fun movie..its not gonna win any awards but its also not gonna piss you off.

It had a few great laughs.  But WOW what a missed opportunity by the marketing team for this movie! I mean here you have 2 guys that had some of the most iconic boxing films ever (Rocky movies and Raging Bull)..that should have been used so much more in the promotion!  The sheer fact that De Niro and Stallone got in a ring together..for any movie buff..is a wow moment

So it really had more potential!  Plus they could have been much funnier and edgier …though there were a few good laugh out loud scenes.  I think the problem here is they played the line between drama and comedy too much…you should pick one or the other because very few can pull off both!

I will say Alan Arkin and Kevin Hart were a great offset ..Arkin was a nice addition to round out the movie.  Plus they should have let Kevin Hart loose a bit more

Worth at least a rental for On Demand or future Netflix fodder


American Hustle: Super slow for the first 70% of the movie! but some great acting, not as ground breaking as it could have been #movies #reviews #brownmovieguy

American Hustle has a dream cast..really it doesnt get any better than Christian Bale, Brad cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams and more…even Louis C.K was in there!

But wow for a movie with such hype and critical acclaim/expected oscars etc..it was So SLOW! the 90 minutes  just crawled by and really gets you tired.

It picked up significantly at the last portion ..which doesnt quite redeem itself but is really entertaining with the twists and fun.

I will say though, i rarely call out amazing performances..you really have to be something special to me to be called out for acting (think Heath Ledger as Joker) …so when i say Jennifer Lawrence’s performance was great..i mean it was great even in the slow parts it stood out.

So worth seeing because of the cast and its going to be an oscar contender..but ive warned you its a slow burn..until the last half



47 Ronin: Really great! Dont listen to critics, good action and supernatural fun #movies #reviews #brownmovieguy

47 Ronin was realy entertaining and fun! Great samurai action plus a decent mix of supernatural/magic/monsters etc.  Anyone that likes Japanese folklore or anime will appreciate some of the references in it.  Whats really funny is its based off a true story in Japanese legend, of course without a lot of demons etc they added! haha

Keanu Reeves was actually great in it, and some great fun laughs as well

My only criticism is that they didnt go far enough with the magical super power monster stuff. If you are gonna go there..might as well go even farther!


Anchorman 2: just ok…some very funny parts mixed with awkwardly bad part #movies #reviews #brownmovieguy

Its funny..my feelings on Anchorman 2 are almost exactly the same as my original feelings about Anchorman..I didnt like it when i first saw it…but i grew to love after a few more times.

Anchorman 2 had some really solid laughs..i give it that..but there were also too many just awkward non-funny jokes that could have cut down the movie time..it did feel long at one point..which to me is a sign of too many unfunny jokes.  The scenes with Ron and the black family at dinner were hilarious and they should have explored that more than they did. Maybe to avoid controversy

Everyone that is a Will Ferrell Fan and Anchorman loyalist will see this anyways..but i suggest go in with low expectations and you will like it better

Im guessing i’ll like it more once i see it a few more times


Hobbit Desolation of Smaug: Way better than The Hobbit, but abrupt ending #movies #reviews #brownmovieguy

The Hobbit was a very slow and disappointing movie..so i was pleasantly surprise by the second installment.  It felt a bit more like the original Lord of The Rings…and frankly finally didnt bore me. It was full of action which i liked.

I think the scenes with Smaug the dragon were great, and i love how the world gets expanded with more creatures and some familiar names are brought up.

The annoying part was the abrupt ending …felt like one big tease and then just stopping forcing us to wait until #3.

But any LOTR fan should like this better than number 2 ..


Hunger Games Catching Fire: much better than the first but a horrible ending! #movies #reviews #brownmovieguy


The first Hunger Games was so slow up until the last 20 mins i wasnt a fan….so i was really happy when Catching Fire was all action all the time! Really keeps you watching and doesnt slow down.   I havent read the books so i like not know whats going to happen next..BUT a huge issue which i hate when directors do this…they just stopped the movie suddenly..leaving you in suspense for the 3rd installment

At the least finish the movie you are making ..find a good place to stop..dont just stop and go dark in the middle of a dramatic scene etc!

So fun movie but horrible segway to #3



Ender’s Game: really great sci fi action and worth seeing! #movies #brownmovieguy #reviews


The critics had Enders Game wrong, and i went in with low expectations esepcially given all the recent kid novel adaptations have been sorta crappy.

But Ender’s Game was really great! Plenty of real story and funny parts, mixed in with some great sci fi space action scenes and of course a dash of Harrison Ford.  Even sir Ben Kingsley made an appearance!   Underrated but worth a look.

This is definitely worth seeing for anyone that like sci fi movies


Thor 2: Dark World – better than the first but still not hard hitting! #movies #reviews #brownmovieguy



Ive been behind on reivews so catching up

I really didnt like the first Thor..i think he was weak and the movie was slow (except all the parts on Asgard)…I loved what they did with Thor in the Avengers…so when Thor 2 came out i had higher expectations

I will say they did finally give us more action like we were all hoping…but yet again it seemed like the action scenes were too slow, and he wasnt as strong or as fast as he should be! It needed to be harder hitting ..darker..stronger..faster less family friendly in my eyes.  But that said it was a big step up from the first

All of this is really just filler until we get Avengers 2..so its worth seeing though not really worth staying for the credits at all


12 Years a Slave : Moving, Sad, and heartbreaking because its true with great cast #movies


Wow.  12 Years as Slave was so sad, disturbing, and moving.  True stories like this always get to me, but it takes really great acting and a cast to pull this off…and it had it!  The cast was amazing and full of the best !  Chiwetel Ejiofor has been so underappreciated i think his whole career, and im happy he was perfect for the leade here.  Of course im always a fan of  Michael K. Williams (from the Wire and now in Homeland), Michael Fassbender and even Brad Pitt was in it.

Go see this now, if you are an American we owe it to ourselves to see this movie and remember what kind of history we had regardless of your race.



Carrie- Great remake! Dont listen to Critics #movies


Do NOT listen to critics on this one!  Go see Carrie, it was a good remake! Frankly it had what i wanted..cool use of powers and some good revenge !  Is it oscar worthy? no of course not.  And sure maybe a little of the acting by Chloe Moritz was a little over the top but go in with low expectations and this movie will surprise you.  Its not scary (and its not supposed to be) its more about the thriller/scifi/bloody revenge kinda thing


I wasnt a huge fan of the ending  but hope they consider a sequel

Perfect time to go see this during Halloween



Captain Phillips- Amazing true story that keeps you on edge

Tom Hanks is one of the greatest actors of all time, that goes without saying.  But when you put him anywhere near water he just shines haha

Captain Phillips was such a great movie- not only because it was a true story, but because it gave you an even sided view of the story from both the pirates perspective as well as the victims.   You almost dont want to believe this is what happened but it did!

Tom Hanks is brilliant in this, but really the leader of the pirates almost outshines him in this movie! He’s a great unknown actor.

I also loved the Navy Seals in this movie, they are such badasses!  Imagine the things they’ve done that we dont ever get to know or see a movie about!  They came in and did their job here and l loved Max Martini’s character as the Seal team leader.

This is worth seeing now!



Gravity: Wow a must see, original & def an oscar contender #movies #space

Gravity was amazing.  Lives up to all the hype. Go see it now

First of all the concept and idea itself is really unique. We’ve never gotten a movie like this..all the typical space movies are the same formula, but this is disturbingly realistic.

Its also almost only Sandra Bullock the entire time and she really carries it well!  Clooney is great in it also, but the movie really keeps you at the edge of your seat the entire time.

The visuals are breathtaking and definitely a must see


Prisoners: dark, thrilling, and keeps you guessing #movies


Prisoners was really good! It had lots of good buzz and I was hoping it would live up to the expecations and it did!

The story itself is dark and realistic for anyone that has kids or young relatives etc.. and the cast was great. Love seeing a darker side of Hugh Jackman and always a fan of Terrence Howard.


What set it apart from the usual kidnapping thriller movie formula was that it kept the audience guessing about what was going on. Lots of twists and new suspects etc


Really worth seeing now!



Insidious 2: James Wan does it again! Scary, unique, & well tied to the first! #movies #reviews

Wow- James Wan has got to be the best Horror director of our generation.  And Insidious 2 was everything i hoped for and more!

Not only was it scary like the first one, but you go in expecting a typical sequel story..but you dont get just that.  They connected it in really crazy awesome ways to the first movie!   Great acting by the cast and really great music that really sets the tone reminiscent of the first movie.

Plus i loved at the end the connection to a possible 3rd movie.

This is a movie all scary movie fans should go see right away!



Riddick: A good 3rd installment, but not as good as the last two! #movies #reviews #vindiesel


Im  a huge Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick fan, as well of course of Vin Diesel.  So i was really looking forward to Riddick sequel #3.  And for the most part the movie was ok.  The problem is each of the last left me wanting more and i expected the same kind of fast paced action bad ass movie.

For some reason Riddick seemed a bit slower, he wasnt as bad ass or as good as he was in the last movies.  Plus a few things towards the end seems like they would not have happened to the old riddick.

If you are a fan you will like it.  And i will say they do a commendable job trying to quickly tie up loose ends to connect to the last movie and even the first movie….just wanted a lot more.

Hopefully they make a 4th one!


The World’s End: Just a Boring slow non-comedy not worth the time #movies #reviews


UGH i went in expecting Shaun of the Dead level laughs and quality.  Instead The World’s End was a  slow borefest.  Most of the time no one in the theater was laughing at the dumb jokes.  There were of course a couple really funny moments but i expected way better.  Simon Pegg seems to have lots of hits or misses

It just didnt have the pacing right.  And the story just dragged on and got boring very fast.

Skip this



Elysium: Wow great movie and Sci Fi action from Damon and Blomkamp #movies #reviews


Elysium was awesome!  If any of you were fans of District 9 you will love the feeling, and gritty visuals of Elysium.  Really unique concept, but with some really cool sci fi action.  I have to say until Sharlto Copley opened his mouth in the movie i didnt even recognize him playing the bad ass bad guy!   The cast was superb..of course Matt Damon, Copley, Meg Foster, and a few other smaller faves of mine.

Its worth seeing right away or on demand when it comes out.


It will make you crave the next Neil Blomkamp film!



2 Guns: Denzel and Wahlberg make it good, just not great #movies #reviews


Any movie with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg would be a good bet….and for the most part 2 Guns was good.  It had a few ok laughs, ok action, but it was just all very predictable and expected.  It wasnt bad, but it wasnt a movie id run back to see again.

Its good for a netflix one day



Kick-Ass 2: Unfortunate let down, not like the first #movies #reviews


UGH- Kick Ass 2 was a let down.  Instead of staying more true to the first, they went more campy and stupid..including things like projectile vomit and diarrhea in this one.  There wasnt enough real great fighting and it all felt very forced and cheeseball.

Skipping it wont be a bad idea



Fruitvale Station: Shocking and Sad because its true #movies #reviews

The sheet shock value of the factual parts of Fruitvale station will move you, its both sad and maddening.  The move was great. You almost dont want to believe the coincidences involved and how real the story was.  They didnt try to portray the main character as perfectly innocent, which is why the real tragedy of the real events hits you hard

definitely worth seeing!   And i think Michael B. Jordan was great..he was good in Friday Night Lights and has a bright future



The Wolverine- Too slow, too weak and even a cheap animatronic bear! But stay for the credits #movies



I love Hugh Jackman, Love Wolverine..BUT wow The Wolverine was such a huge letdown for me.

To start things off in the beginning of the film they use a horribly fake looking animatronic bear!  Seriously if even TV shows can get real grizzly bears how can a movie with a budget of $100 Million or more not get a real bear or at least decent CGI effects!  I literally cringed both times you see the bear! I even saw a tweet or article online from the studio praising the team that made the bear! they should be embarrassed!

needless to say i was worried at that point…

The big problem with the movie is that most of it is slow and not enough true dark hard hitting action.  Wolverine is weakend and without healing powers almost the entire movie!  None of us fans want to see that! we want to see him kicking ass the entire time, not in a romantic plot.  Sure there were some decent fight scenes, and Hugh Jackman as always is the perfect choice as Wolverine…but 80% of the movie was him weak, and the movie felt slow/boring.


Even worse they left him at the end of the movie without his adamantium claws! they were just bone.

The only thing you need to do is stay for the credits scene really the best part of the film.


Sigh… i’ll look forward to the next X Men movie supposedly will be awesome and make up for this.




The Conjuring: Crazy Scary, Well Made, from Horror genius James Wan #movies #theconjuring


The Conjuring was just awesome.  Im a big fan of scary movies, and honestly its so hard to find truly scary movies anymore.  When i first heard about this movie and that it was based on the true story of Ed and Lorraine Warren i was hooked, but when i heard James Wan was directing (he gave us Insidious which i thought was the best horror movie of the year it came out) i was even more excited.

He didnt disappoint!  Not only was the movie extremely scary, it did it in a way that felt so real.  We’ve all seen haunted house and possession movies before but this was done with what can only be described as what i call “natural” scares.  He didnt need huge loud sound effects to make you jump (like Sam Raimi relies on)..you jump because its so damn scary.

Its also just truly disturbing to know this was a true story and that according to the real family and Lorraine Warren the movie is fairly accurate in many parts.   I also think it was cast very well.  Vera Farmiga was a great choice and so was Patrick Wilson.   You really felt how the real Ed and Lorraine are doing all this to just help people and because they care.

The only thing i wish was that we could see the actual video footage and photos from the investigation back then.  If any of it exist still, wanted to see that either on the web or during credits.

I can only hope that James Wan keeps bringing us more movies like this..and i cant wait for Insidious 2.

If you havent seen this yet..go see it now!



Pacific Rim: Delivers what it promises and its great! Giant Robots and Giant Monsters!


Its like a sci fi kid’s dream, giant robots fighting giant monsters.. Pacific Rim was great!

Sure some people may laugh at the concept..but the action was just great! The visuals, the expanse and size of the fight scenes really draws you in. Its one of those fun movies that you will never get bored in.

Plus i love the cast. Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba are 2 of the best actors today, who i think are still very underrated.  The story was great and they didnt spare any expense on the visual effects…nothing looked cheap or too fake


Definitely go see this now!