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Captain Phillips- Amazing true story that keeps you on edge

Tom Hanks is one of the greatest actors of all time, that goes without saying.  But when you put him anywhere near water he just shines haha

Captain Phillips was such a great movie- not only because it was a true story, but because it gave you an even sided view of the story from both the pirates perspective as well as the victims.   You almost dont want to believe this is what happened but it did!

Tom Hanks is brilliant in this, but really the leader of the pirates almost outshines him in this movie! He’s a great unknown actor.

I also loved the Navy Seals in this movie, they are such badasses!  Imagine the things they’ve done that we dont ever get to know or see a movie about!  They came in and did their job here and l loved Max Martini’s character as the Seal team leader.

This is worth seeing now!