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42 Jackie Robinson Movie is a must see! inspiring and a true story #movies #reviews


42 the Jackie Robinson story was such an inspiring eye opening movie.  I never stopped to think about how crazy the situation was for him at the time, the kind of hate and racism and ridicule he endured.  I love that this movie reminds us all about amazing people like him that changed America, and its still a little scary to think this was only 65 years ago.

The movie it self was a bit of a slow steady burn, not action packed etc, but the content and the depth really kept you fully into it, and it didnt get boring at all.  Harrison Ford was great as Branch Rickey, someone who was a bit of an unsung hero in this story that deserves great credit for havin the balls to bring black baseball player into the major leagues back then.  Also big kudos to the relatively unknown actor that played Jackie ..Chadwick Boseman was great.

Everyone should see this movie,..if you are white, black, brown or whatever its a story the relates to us all.



Dead Man Down:Really great! Dark, Deep, complex and good action #movies

I have to say Dead Man Down deserved much better marketing than it got!  The movie was great! It wasnt just a regular revenge/action movie..it felt deeper, more emotional..and it had a great story with a few good complex levels.  Colin Farrell was great in it and so was Terrence Howard (im a big fan of both of them).

Even though it was a long movie, you didnt get bored and it had a decent number of action scenes and a really bad ass finale battle scene that i liked a lot.

One  odd thing to me was that the trailers must have been done by a really bad agency or they were rushed.  The trailers completely mistook the movie to be completely different…as if Terrence Howard’s character was going after Colin Farrells character the entire movie when it fact i was the other way around.

Id also say i kinda hated the character Noomi Rapace played..maybe it was her fault..maybe it was the role…it just got me mad lots..especially the really bad french music playing on the radio and at the credits..they could have chosen something better!

Anyway this movie is worth seeing


Gangster Squad: great action, perfect cast, funny, and based on true events! #movies

Gangster Squad was a great entertaining movie!  The cast was just chock full of some of my favorites including Anthony Mackie (who is totally underrated still) and Michael Pena (who is super versatile in so many movies), besides of course Ryan Gosling and others.

I love movies that are true stories or based on events that most of the world didnt know was true.  Plus, this movie had it all…some hilarious laugh out loud moments, some really great crazy shoot out scenes, and some great drama and sad parts

Its a must see!