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Olympus Has Fallen: Awesome action with Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman! #movies #reviews #gerardbutler


Olympus Has Fallen delivered on everything you were promised in the trailers..good old action with Gerard Butler!  Crazy action and battle scenes, great fights,  and a surprisingly good cast!

Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman…and Gerard butler killing north Koreans all in the same movie.  Yes you should go see this and enjoy how timely the topic is!

This is one of those, ignore the regular critics, they just dont get that sometimes we all just wanna see some old school action!



The Croods: A few good laughs and not bad for grown ups #movies #reviews


I try to see any good animated movie that looks like it might be funny for grown ups.  It feels like its been ages since we’ve had decent ones like Shrek, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo etc,

The Croods is not in the same league as those, but its definitely an entertaining movie, with a few decent laughs, awesome graphics, and you dont get bored half way through! Thats always the mark of a decent kids movie.

Its worth seeing or taking any kids  you’ll enjoy it!


Gangster Squad: great action, perfect cast, funny, and based on true events! #movies

Gangster Squad was a great entertaining movie!  The cast was just chock full of some of my favorites including Anthony Mackie (who is totally underrated still) and Michael Pena (who is super versatile in so many movies), besides of course Ryan Gosling and others.

I love movies that are true stories or based on events that most of the world didnt know was true.  Plus, this movie had it all…some hilarious laugh out loud moments, some really great crazy shoot out scenes, and some great drama and sad parts

Its a must see!