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Grudge Match: Funny, but such a missed opportunity to be more! #movies #reviews #brownmovieguy

Grudge Match was a fun movie..its not gonna win any awards but its also not gonna piss you off.

It had a few great laughs.  But WOW what a missed opportunity by the marketing team for this movie! I mean here you have 2 guys that had some of the most iconic boxing films ever (Rocky movies and Raging Bull)..that should have been used so much more in the promotion!  The sheer fact that De Niro and Stallone got in a ring together..for any movie buff..is a wow moment

So it really had more potential!  Plus they could have been much funnier and edgier …though there were a few good laugh out loud scenes.  I think the problem here is they played the line between drama and comedy too much…you should pick one or the other because very few can pull off both!

I will say Alan Arkin and Kevin Hart were a great offset ..Arkin was a nice addition to round out the movie.  Plus they should have let Kevin Hart loose a bit more

Worth at least a rental for On Demand or future Netflix fodder